Asset Based Lending Software

ABLE Empowers Your Business

ABLE provides the automation necessary to support continuous monitoring of each individual Loan position in the Portfolio regardless of structure or complexity. ABLE also provides immediate comprehensive analysis of portfolio performance and position across an unlimited number of categories at loan, region, or portfolio level. The extensiveness of the monitoring and reporting, unrivaled by the competitors’ software, enables an organization to quickly see what direction a relationship is heading.

During the last three decades, the industry has seen highs and lows, and ABLE clients have come out on top. The current market calls for increased diligence and risk monitoring that can best be obtained through real-time portfolio analysis.

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Core Functionality

The servicing of asset-based loans encompasses numerous activities including daily reporting, incoming and outgoing cash, libor pricing, participant settlement, loan charges, and structure changes. ABLE supports these activities with a real-time interface that immediately shows the impact on the overall loan position. Many of these activities have been automated to interface with other systems, eliminating the need for manual operations. Comprehensive history is maintained to provide loan information from any point in time. The core functionality is complemented with security, data integrity, and audit trails designed to protect mission-critical information

Case Study

ABLE Implementation: Process Improvements and Enhanced Service Offering, a case study published by a particular client, illustrates the noteworthy results their organization obtained over an 18 month period by using ABLE.

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