Feature Comparison

Leading Competitor
Loan servicing    
Borrowing Base    
Participations Bought    
Participations Sold or Syndicated    
L/C Facilities    
Libor Financing    
Loan Charges  1  
Participant Charges  1  
Broker Fees    
UCC Filing    
Audit Scheduling    
Loan Monitoring    
Operational Notes and Variances    
Liquidation Values    
Collateral Coverage Ratios    
Risk Ratings    
Top Debtors    
Trend Analysis       
Portfolio Management    
Income Analysis    
Portfolio Analysis    
Overadvance Analysis    
New Business/ Paid Out Reporting    
Loan Metrics    
Incoming Cash Activity    
Collateral Changes    
Currency Conversion Rates    
Customer Reporting (for example: Aging, Accounts Payable)    
L/C Activity    
Loan Charges    
Outgoing Cash Activity    
Cash Graphing    
Data Warehouse    
Excess Cash    
General Ledger    

1 - ABLE has significantly more automatically computed Loan and Participant charges.