Computer And Software Enterprises, Inc.’s (CASE) prime objective is commitment to service. One of the qualities that sets us apart is this dedication to the client relationship, ensuring that our customers are receiving the support that they need and assuring them that the investment they have made in software will provide them with the tools to conduct their business, now and in the future, in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

We have acquired an exemplary reputation in the industry for meeting the needs of our installed base in a prompt, professional, and skilled manner. We consider the long-term relationships that we have developed with our clients to be our major assets.

CASE's focus since 1982 has been on the asset-based lending industry. Since September 2015 the CASE business has been incorporated into HPD Software - the global market leader in invoice finance software. HPD has been in business for over 40 years and has been specializing in asset finance software for over 25 years. Our financial IT products and services are used in over 50 countries around the world, by over 100 financial institutions, and servicing over 50,000 asset based finance clients around the globe.

We appreciate the intricacies of our clients' business; our hands-on relationship with our clients and their operations has given us a comprehensive knowledge of the unique requirements of ABL. We provide a professional consulting service, analogous to that of a lawyer or CPA, to advise our clients as they assess new operational requirements. For instance, when a client initiated a new deal with a complex loan structure, they sought our advice on how to best integrate it into their operations; when another client was considering entering into a new asset-based lending opportunity, we were there to help evaluate the operational requirements. The service CASE offers is not limited to the typical "maintenance" contract services offered by other software companies.

CASE/HPD Software is available to assist you in any way during your conversion period and beyond. Our philosophy is to fulfill whatever requirements our clients have and to provide any services that are needed. These services may relate directly to asset-based lending or may be an ancillary need; either way, we are ready to provide quality, timely service and develop software to meet that need.
We have produced a variety of interfaces to other software products for individual clients, as needed, including interfaces to their world-wide wire transfer and treasury systems, to bank-wide credit exposure systems, to corporate databases, a direct link to their mainframe G/L system, and for risk-based capital reporting to help them meet their regulatory reporting requirements.

CASE/HPD Software provides service, not just software. Our commitment to service and our responsiveness to client needs can be verified by contacting any of our users at any time.