Asset Based Lending Software - ABLE

ABLE is the product of years of experience in the best practices of Asset Based Lending (ABL). It mitigates the risk inherent in ABL by improving control over exposure, while simultaneously making operations more efficient and much less clerical. The result is a much more cost-effective solution for successful portfolio management.

Continuous monitoring of individual Loan Positions makes it easier to service a Loan and detect significant changes in the relationship. Exceptions, Operational Notes and Variances, Collateral Coverage Ratios, and Events which are integrated with routinely used reports assist the Loan Analyst with early detection of a degradation in Loan quality.

An extensive reporting facility enables comprehensive Portfolio analysis. The management level information necessary to control a Portfolio is available in real time with an easy-to-use interface without the need to consolidate and summarize.

Numerous automated interfaces --- both incoming and outgoing --- increase productivity, timeliness, and accuracy. Standard interfaces are provided in the base product. Customized interfaces to in-house systems are routinely developed during the implementation process.

The underlying technology provides strict security features, full data redundancy, and an Audit Trail facility, as expected in a financial system. Performance is robust, making End of Day and Month End processing a seamless part of the process.