A True Business Partner

"CASE is not a vendor: they are a true business partner. Their understanding of the changing Asset Based Lending industry allows me to do my job as a banker while making me look like an IS manager. The staff at CASE is ready to discuss my business needs at a moment’s notice and offers viable solutions to a wide variety of concerns. Since converting to ABLE, my portfolio has grown by 40% with no increases to the operations staff. My staff now focuses on risk management instead of data entry!"

Karen Hicks, Union Bank of California
Operations Manager

Clearly the Best Alternative

"ABLE is clearly the best alternative when it comes to multi-location/ multi-regional processing with consolidation capabilities. This allows for centralized information gathering for corporate reporting requirements without affecting the decentralized lending process at each site."

Pat Clancy, Wells Fargo Business Credit, Inc.
Vice President & Regional Mgr

Managing Distinct Portfolios

"The burden of managing four distinct portfolios within one division is greatly eased by the addition of the ABLE system. The flexibility inherent in the system enables us to monitor loans with vastly different reporting and monitoring requirements, while providing meaningful management reports to the users."

Richard J. Baldwin, NationsBank Business Credit
Senior Vice President

ABLE Has Been Invaluable

"We have a very broad mix of loans that vary in size, structure, and monitoring requirements. The ABLE system has been invaluable in helping us manage our portfolio. The interest and fee structuring features of ABLE are so comprehensive that all manual calculation or adjustments have virtually been eliminated."

Lou McKinley, The Chase Manhattan Bank
Vice President

Integral Part of Success

"The ABLE system has been an integral part of our success since 1989. It has given us the ability to efficiently process information and has provided us with the tools to make good decisions. This is exactly what we wanted and it is what CASE delivered."

Jack Clifford, Mercantile Business Credit, Inc.

React Quickly to Trends

"The use of the ABLE system has increased our productivity in analyzing and monitoring operational data. The timeliness, and the ability to compare data has helped us to react quickly to negative trends."

Carl Shelton, NationsBank Business Credit
Vice President, Internal Auditing

Portfolio Tripled… Staff Remained the Same

"Working with the ABLE system has made a tremendous contribution to our productivity. Each of our Account Managers went from handling five accounts to over 15. The result: our portfolio tripled in size and our staff remained the same."

Ed Rios, The Chase Manhattan Bank
Assistant Treasurer

Consistent and Reliable

"We have been working with CASE since 1983. Although the asset-based lending industry has experienced many changes over the years, one thing hasn't changed...CASE has always remained consistent and reliable!"

June T. Schorr, NationsBank Business Credit
Systems Administrator

Controls Costs

"The ABLE system has put us on the cutting edge of technology in asset-based lending. It is a thoroughly flexible system that provides the maximum information to support credit decisions while providing a technological basis for simplifying and automating back office processes to control costs."

Ron Bruens, The Chase Manhattan Bank
Vice President

Foundation for Growth

"With our growth orientation, it was crucial to acquire a system that would provide us with a foundation for growth and the capability to control and monitor our asset quality."

Mike Parker, Mercantile Business Credit, Inc.
Senior Vice President

Saves Time

"When I compared ABLE with our previous semi-automated system, I recognized that the time saved by eliminating the repetitive elements of my job could be devoted to a more critical evaluation of collateral, borrowing trends and related matters. In addition, since all pertinent information regarding changes in collateral and loan balances was readily available to my supervisors on-line, the need for meetings and discussions decreased."

Carrie Martik, Westinghouse Business Credit
Loan Assistant

Adaptable to Changing Environment

"ABLE proved itself to be a very broad-based, yet totally flexible system, a system that is adaptable to the changing environment of the asset-based lending industry. Productivity is the game, and ABLE certainly helped in increasing our capacity and ability to respond."

T. David Ertel, Westinghouse Business Credit
Vice President, Credit and Operations